Hindsight Imaging, Inc. designs, builds and sells next-generation hyperspectral imaging and volumetric imaging instruments. Using the patented High-Throughput Virtual SlitTM, a unique, proprietary technology, Hindsight offers spectral imaging engines with the highest combination of spectral resolution and light-gathering power in their size class.

The SpecVu™ (fixed mount) and ChemVu™ (handheld) are Hindsight’s high resolution VNIR hyperspectral imaging solutions for remote sensing. The SpecVuR™ (fixed mount) and ChemVuR™ (handheld) are Hindsight’s high resolution Raman hyperspectral chemical detection and imaging solutions for proximal chemical ID. For more information visit the product page.

Compared to conventional spectral imagers, Hindsight’s instruments offer:
Higher spectral and spatial resolution at the same size, or comparable resolution in a smaller package. These advantages enable disruptive innovation in a variety of applications where hyperspectral imaging has traditionally been too difficult, too complicated or too expensive.

Hyperspectral images are far more information-rich than conventional color images:
⦁ A monochrome camera records one color and displays the intensity in greyscale
Human vision and color digital cameras or film are sensitive to three spectral bands
⦁ A filter-based multispectral imager distinguishes, typically, 4-6 colors…
⦁ But the Hindsight hyperspectral imager sees hundreds of wavelengths from the visible to the near-IR, using spectroscopy to perform true chemical imaging.

The information density provided by hyperspectral imaging drives next-generation data analytics across a host of industries. Hindsight’s spectrometers are the engine that can drive your applications in:
⦁ Remote sensing
⦁ Surveillance and threat detection
⦁ Biomedical imaging
⦁ Material ID
⦁ Environmental monitoring
⦁ Process analytics
⦁ Machine vision
⦁ High-precision tunable light sources

Hindsight works with OEM and integration partners to deliver complete hyperspectral imaging solutions. Lightweight, and with no moving parts, our spectrometers are compatible with a range of sensitive CCD, CMOS and IR cameras and remote sensing platforms such as UAVs, conventional aircraft and land vehicles.

Hindsight Imaging can help to solve your business problems with a powerful combination of advanced technology and industry expertise. We can provide the exact spectrometer you need to plug into your existing applications, or work with you to develop a complete application platform based on your needs.

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