Compact Handheld System

ChemVu™ Key Features:

  • Innovative high-resolution handheld hyperspectral imaging system for
    reflectance scanning
  • Lightweight, compact form factor ideal for remote sensing applications
  • Large f/2.5 aperture and wide 50 μm entrance slit maximize light-gathering power with the highest spectral resolution in its size class
  • Proprietary HTVS™-based design (US 8,958,065) provides the highest signal-to-background ratio
  • Active scanning heat enables fast pushbroom mapping over a large FOV with a
    single click
  • Factory-configurable to select resolutions and spectral ranges
  • Onboard and user-uploadable spectral libraries
  • Integrated color camera records an RGB image of the scanned area with spectral image overlay
  • Includes high-intensity twin white light sources

ChemVu™ Applications:

  • Clinical point-of-care rapid screening of skin conditions & disorders
  • Solar-induced fluorescence and chlorophyll red edge monitoring of
    plant productivity
  • Polymer, material and mineral ID

ChemVu™ System Specifications:

Detection Method Reflectance Spectral Imaging
Spectral Range VNIR 400-1,000 nm (call for SWIR model details)
Spectral Resolution ≥ 600 fully-resolved spectral channels
Detection Capabilities Minerals, raw materials, pigments…anything with a distinctive reflectance signature
Field of View Factory-configurable; typical 6.5° x 20° scanning FOV
Dimensions & Weight 9 x 5.5 x 4” (L x W x H) with 6.5” handle; 2.3 kg
User interface 5” capacitive touch screen display with onboard computer and spectral libraries
Power AC power or rechargeable battery pack

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