Compact Handheld System

ChemVuR™ Key Features:

  • Innovative high-resolution handheld Raman hyperspectral imaging system for Chemical ID
  • Lightweight, compact form factor ideal for close proximal detection scenarios
  • Raman area imaging enhances small particle detectability by eliminating spectral dilution
  • Line excitation laser provides a new level of speed and performance with increased selectivity & sensitivity
  • Unique patented HTVS™ design maximizes spectral information while achieving low limits of detection
  • Onboard and user-uploadable explosive / hazmat / drug spectral libraries for applications like threat assessment and drug detection
  • Integrated color camera records on RGB image of the scanned area with Raman chemical image overlay
  • Active high speed scanning over a 6 x 12 mm area with a single click

ChemVu™ Applications:

  • Threat assessment Detect trace explosives & precursors in a fingerprint
  • Narcotics Detection: Rapid screening –  traffic stops / drug manufacturing sites
  • Material ID: API, raw materials, manufacturing, waste streams

ChemVuR™ System Specifications:

Detection Method Raman Hyperspectral Imaging
Spectral Range 200 -2200 cm-1 Raman shift (785 nm excitation wavelength)
Spectral Resolution 2-3 cm-1spectral linewidth (FWHM)
Detection Capabilities Drugs and precursors, IED constituents, TICs, TIMs, CWAs, etc.
Working Distance Close proximal(2 cm)
Dimensions 9 x 5.5 x 4” (L x W x H) with 6.5” handle; 2.3 kg
User interface 5” capacitive touch screen display with onboard computer and spectral libraries
Power AC power or rechargeable battery pack

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