Hindsight Wins Laser Focus World Gold Innovators Award


Based on the impartial ratings by our judges, awards were assigned in four different levels—BronzeSilverGold, and Platinum—to companies or organizations that demonstrated excellence in a product or technology, an application, or in research and development.

Submissions were judged on originality; innovation; their impact on designers, systems integrators, or users; and whether they fulfilled a new market need, leveraged a novel technology, and/or increased productivity.

To celebrate our Innovators Awards Program, Laser Focus World held a webcast ceremony on May 10, 2018, for all honorees, and presented awards in person during CLEO.

Listed as a Gold Recipient:

HindSight Imaging (Brookline, MA; https://hindsight-imaging.com) – ChemVuR. Hindsight Imaging’s ChemVuR is a compact handheld Raman Trace Chemical Detection and Imaging System. ChemVuR’s biggest impact will be on the end user, with substantial benefit for integrators and designers. The end user will achieve maximum performance per unit cost/size/weight. Hindsight’s HTVS technology outperforms custom research solutions based on conventional spectrometer technology, in applications where both high resolution and high sensitivity are required.

Our location

Headquartered in Brookline, Massachussets, with satellite offices in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA.