The SpecVuR™ and ChemVuR™ are dedicated Raman solutions which can include a built in 785nm laser and scanner for a complete turn-key Raman chemical imaging systems.  These systems have significant advantages over point source Raman systems since they provide spatial information and can detect and identify individual particles within an image.

The SpecVu™ and ChemVu™ are high resolution VNIR  hyperspectral imaging instruments for remote sensing and are available in a fixed mount or handheld configuration. They combine exceptionally high spectral resolution AND light-gathering power enabled by their large entrance aperture and slit width. The systems are offered in a variety of configurations, with bandpasses ranging from 100 nm to 600 nm within the 400-1000 nm range.  All models can fully resolve over 600 spectral channels. Broadband models are ideal for remote sensing applications such as precision agriculture, environmental monitoring and surveillance, while high dispersion models can be used for solar-induced fluorescence and Raman spectral imaging.  These systems are available in a pushbroom configuration or with full 2D imaging capability and can be configured with a variety of objective lenses depending on the application.

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