Compact Fixed Mount Spectrograph

SpecVu™ Key Features:

  • Lightweight, compact form factor ideal for remote sensing or inline process monitoring applications
  • Highest spectral resolution of any instrument in its size class enables applications such as chlorophyll fluorescence imaging and red edge shift detection
  • Proprietary HTVS™ based design (US 8,958,065) provides the highest signal-to-background ratio
  • Configurable for pushbroom hyperspectral imaging or full 2D imaging with moderate field of view and high spectral information density
  • Factory-configurable to select spectral ranges and resolutions (e.g. 600 nm range with <1.0 nm resolution or 110 nm range with <0.15 nm resolution)
  • Large f/2.5 aperture and wide 50 μm entrance slit maximize light-gathering power
  • Internal uncooled or cooled CMOS camera
  • Compatible with wide range of C-mount input objectives to vary FOV from
    6 to 22 degrees
  • Optional internal computer for onboard processing, 2D scanning or integrated detection algorithms

SpecVu™ Applications:

  • Surveillance & Defense
  • Biomedical Optical Screening
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Machine Vision
  • Environmental Monitoring

SpecVu™ System Specifications:

Detection Method Pushbroom Reflectance Hyperspectral Imaging (internal 2D scanning optional)
Spectral Range VNIR 400-1,000 nm (SWIR models available upon request)
Spectral Resolution > 1,000 with internal 2.3 MP camera
Spatial Pixels Drugs and precursors, IED constituents, TICs, TIMs, CWAs, etc.
Optical Input/Output C-mount and flange mount
Environmental 0-45°C, noncondensing atmosphere

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